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From All Walks of Life

This project was inspired by a friend’s description of a restaurant she’d been to in which dozens of decorated shoes were hanging from the ceiling.

I rounded up all the used shoes I could find at local thrift stores and gave them to artist friends to see what they would come up with.  Here are photos of the first round of shoes that have been returned to me…Nice work, folks!!

One Response to “From All Walks of Life”

  1. jacquie says:

    Just found your blog. Had no idea, but now it all makes sense. The late nights, the wild parties.
    Was wondering about the shoes. Now I see.
    I didn’t explicitly mention that the shoe I decorated was supposed to be plugged in, but thought the dangling electric cord, might be a clue.
    Where are these gems on display? Are they in a museum?
    Muchisimas Gracias,

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