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     When not watching “Forensics Files,” Megan        teaches, writes, sings and occasionally makes art  with a pair of tiny scissors.

    Okay, not my most recent picture, but a darn good  one.








This is a bit more recent…







3 Responses to “About”

  1. the old man says:

    megan, you are a terrific artist. your work is great and now that i know you have no more native art talent than i do, i am buying a small pair of scissors. happy birthday, it’s been a hyelluva half-century, hasn’t it?
    love, the old man

  2. Katherine says:

    Megan – you have always been able to make me laugh with your quick wit. You are an amazing woman even at the ripe old age of 50. I feel fortunate that our lives connected and passed and will hopefully connect again! You are an awesome person….. did I ever tell you that you remind me of Mr. Monk…..you know some of the weird things you used to say and do. Take that as a compliment as I never miss a show! Love yah – have a great day!

  3. karlyn rouvet says:

    hey cousin, I read your 50 story and it had me laugh and cry. You always did have that effect on me…. I will be turning 50 in 2 years and I hope I can sum up my emotions as good as you have… you really have to stop watching tv, apparently it has had a great effect on your life. We all meet people in our lives, most of them go and never come back, but you, well you are back and I am so glad to be part of your life again. I have really missed you. I have always loved your sense of humor, your singing makes me smile inside, and your ability to make some feel special just tops the cake… Cousin I love you, and I wish only the very best for you, in your next chapter of your life… thanks for sharing your life with me….

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